• Shangdong Changle--The largest sapphire mining area in China
Shangdong Changle--The largest sapphire mining area in China

Shangdong Changle--The largest sapphire mining area in China

  • Description: As one of the four biggest sapphire mine areas in the world, Changle locates in central Shandong Peninsula, located in north temperate, adequate light rain Heat Over the same period, a pleasant climat
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As one of the four biggest sapphire mine areas in the world, Changle locates in central Shandong Peninsula, located in north temperate, adequate light rain Heat Over the same period, a pleasant climate, with an area 1,101 square kilometers, a total of 603,000 population. Changle County in the northern part of the county, east of the "World Kite are" Weifang, 150 kilometers away from Qingdao, west of the provincial capital of Jinan 160 kilometers, north of the Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay 80 km. Changle well-developed transport and Jiaoji Railway, the Jinan-Qingdao Highway, Road and State Highway 309 plastic Wang Road, Tai Yi Road runs through the territory.

Changle sapphire resource-rich, mining area of 450 square kilometers, hundreds of millions of carats of reserves, is the nation's largest World rare one large sapphire mining area, known as "sapphire," and its reputation. Sapphire rely on the rich resources, favourable industrial policy, a good investment environment and constant improvement of the matching services for more than 10 years, Changle and jewellery industry to be rapid development, achieved from scratch, from quantity to quality two major leap national professional jewellery wholesale trading market in China Gem City's growing prosperity, continues to expand the scale and grade, and our gradual development of a larger domestic jewellery distribution centers.

1. sapphire resources

(1) reserves. Tianbao of Changle, and rich in resources. 1800 million years ago, volcanic eruptions, for the people of Changle valuable wealth - Sapphire. 1984, it has been found it. 1986-1990, the department of geological survey in Shandong Province, a detailed investigation, proven in Changle, a sapphire mining area of over 450 square kilometers, hundreds of millions of carats of reserves, accounting for a total area of the county 1 / 3, and Figure 5 in the Changle, Beiyan such townships circle and found a number of enrichment sapphire mining area, grade-rich area in the 30 g / m 3 above, is by far the largest, the World rare one large sapphire mining area. Moreover, the particles with Changle sapphire crystal intact, pure color, the color of notable gemstones and more specific features such as popular at home and abroad jewellery merchants and consumers of all ages.

(2) The exploitation of the situation. Sapphire found at the beginning in order to speed up the development of the industry, Changle, Changle County proposed a "fast-flow water" policy to encourage families to process, and everyone engage in mosaic. At that time, people are basically using the most primitive tools and approaches alluvial mining. Starting from 1991, we have strengthened the management of resources on sapphire, 1996, Changle county has established a special sapphire mining management office, according to the law of the county sapphire mining management. According to geological survey of the sector, the distinction between sapphire reserves, distribution, quality and other relevant mining conditions, respectively rich region to implement mechanization and semi-mechanization mining, ore to prevent leakage. Lean ore scattered and sporadic corner exploitation of the mining area by the holder to prohibit Luancailuanwa. At present, people mainly in the Commonwealth village individual or organization forms, open-mechanized mining.

The late 1980s and early 1990s, sapphire jewelry to enter the domestic jewellery market, and quickly set off a surge in consumption, Changle sapphire extraction also increased year by year, the 1989-1992 four-year period, Changle sapphire mining volume To 300,700,1250,1500 million carats, precious stones from the initial price of a few dozen per carat increase in the late 1990s, several hundred yuan 1 kt. But at the end of the 1990s, due to the economic crisis in Southeast Asia and the impact of the consumer market sapphire, sapphire domestic consumer market was shrinking, in the jewellery industry was also depressed state. To improve this situation, from 1998 onwards, we adhere to the principles of sustainable development, and doing a good job of sapphire mine development plan, according to law in a planned mining. Do a good job no-take reserves, mining, reclamation area of mineral resources management and ensure that the holder mining. Fine fine to do a good job to make full use of existing processing capacity of the county each year to digest swap a few years ago the development of raw materials, the maximum guarantee of the value of sapphire.

Second. the development of the jewellery industry

Since 1984 sapphire has been found in Changle, Changle County full use of sapphire advantage of this resource, development jewellery industry, and gradually formed a certain size. Especially in recent years, Changle county, the county government and give full play to resources, policies, technology, personnel, and market advantages and strengthen regulation of the industry, increase the intensity of cultivation, the jewellery industry has made rapid development, as new industries Changle, and the bright lights the economic development of important pillar industries. At present, the jewellery industry in the county of 40,000 employees, engaged in jewellery, jewelry processing, and sales of more than 1,200 enterprises, precious stones, processing 13 million karats, Jewelry 45 million, more than 50 million grams of precious metals, as the country's largest jewellery one of the jewelry distribution center.

China Gem City market occupies 120 acres and a building area 80,000 square meters, and building in 1993, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved naming the domestic larger, more comprehensive functional gem stone jewelry, precious metal jewelry, gifts and travel Process professional commodity wholesale market, the Tourism Bureau of Shandong Province were identified as key provincial Tourism Shopping. At present, the market has been in the jewellery processing, and more than 200 enterprises, of which domestic enterprises more influential brands from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangzhou, and Yunnan, more than 60 more than 40 brands. Market transactions amounted to 10 billion yuan. Enterprises to follow the market "is the integrity, as customer friendly" business philosophy, fair trading, credit management, maintenance of a good market order, and in 2002 the market has been repeatedly as a "civilization of Weifang City standardized market," "AAA integrity of the market in Weifang City," "consumer satisfaction in Weifang City market," and "top ten markets in Weifang City." 2004, Gem City "by China as" China's top 100 market competitiveness. " November 2006, Shandong Changle jewelry by the Chinese jewellery trade associations, jewelry Land and Natural Resources Management Centre rated as "China jewellery ornaments characteristics industrial base." China gem in the city's Chinese gem museum, the construction of 8,000 square meters, and a total investment of 15 million yuan, was completed in October 2002 opening to the outside world. Museum widely collected throughout the country and some well-known international gem origin gem original ore samples, pictures, blank and finished products, and a large number of sound, light, electricity and other modern high-tech means to visually demonstrate to the people - Jade's long history and splendid glistening, gem domestic demonstrate China's culture and history of the development of world gem of an important window.

To do a really good job Changle jewellery trading market quality supervision, inspection and jewelry, gold jewellery, jade Shandong Province Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre invest a lot of money and testing equipment, in Changle, China Gem City in Shandong Province set up a gold jewellery jade Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center Changle . Detection of Quality Supervision, Inspection Station existing national jewellery division 4, the ability of test JEWELRY 10 million. Detecting Station to the establishment of Changle jewellery trading market with the quality of the jewelry uniform norms and standards, and strictly guard the Changle jewellery quality has significantly improved the China Gem City jewellery integrity of the trading market.

With strong industrial advantage, in the "gem setting up the stage for the economic and trade operas" principle, since 1996, Changle County has been successfully held the 11th National jewellery sales orders and the Fifth China (Changle) International Gem Festival . According to statistics, during the festival each precious stones are from the United States, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, India, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions as well as Jiangsu, Yunnan, Henan, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other provinces and cities of more than 3,000 businessmen to visit Changle, exhibitors, business negotiations, the volume of transactions in more than 1 billion yuan. Festival will be held through the stones, not only illustrating the Changle Sapphire's unique charm and the great advantage of the jewellery industry, but also further publicity to the Changle, Changle increased visibility for the Changle achieve unconventional economic development by leaps and bounds to actively promote the role. 2005, China (Changle) International Gem Festival named the "National Top 50 Events."

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