Delicate double-story booth

  • Delicate double-story booth case 1
  • Delicate double-story booth case 1
  • Delicate double-story booth case 1
Delicate double-story booth case 1Delicate double-story booth case 1Delicate double-story booth case 1

Delicate double-story booth case 1

  • Description: Large enterprises improve customer negotiation environment and show their strength
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The double-layer booth has the function of extending space, enriching the level of space and dividing the exhibition area more clearly and using more area. It can also show the characteristics of the enterprise by using the booth modeling with considerable texture, which can not only make the booth attract "eye-catching: eye-catching, improve the exposure rate, but also enhance the recognition and reputation of the brand by customers and professional audiences.

Generally speaking, you can set up a product display area downstairs, a negotiation area upstairs and meals for staff. This can make the negotiation area more private and free from external interference when talking with potential customers. Staff eating upstairs will also avoid the awkward scene of unprofessional eating in the exhibition stand.

The double-layer booth may appear a little thick in the exhibition hall, but due to its characteristics, height and openness, if it is decorated according to the characteristics of the enterprise, it can achieve the eye-catching effect of "unique" in the exhibition hall.

However, the exhibition has restrictions on the exhibition frame and exhibits. There are strict restrictions on the double-layer exhibition stand, stairs, ceiling and protruding extension structure on the top. The height restriction is not always prohibited to exceed the height. If the relevant procedures are handled and the technical standards are met, it can be implemented. If there is a high-altitude suspension structure, it is also necessary to go through relevant procedures and have reliable safety measures.

Therefore, when building double-layer booths, we must select companies with reliable and successful experience in building double-layer booths. In the exhibition hall, we must timely communicate with each other and handle relevant procedures to ensure the beauty and safety, so as to achieve the desired booth effect.
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