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  • Transparent Showcase
  • Transparent Showcase
  • Transparent Showcase
  • Transparent Showcase
Transparent ShowcaseTransparent ShowcaseTransparent ShowcaseTransparent Showcase

Transparent Showcase

  • Description: With the integration of network and multimedia technology, information can be released and interacted simultaneously by means of media
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The transparent window display cabinet is mainly used for product display. Because of its transparent screen, it can display the inner products well, and enrich the products and contents through customized content and interaction in advance, so that customers can further understand the products. It is often used in exhibitions, commodity display cabinets and other occasions, suitable for the display of high-end products.

Disassembly of transparent window display cabinet

Product characteristics
It can be made into any product form, such as display cabinet, window, etc.; and it is easy to carry, refit and integrate with the system
The screen is transparent, almost invisible to the naked eye, with gorgeous colors, three-dimensional pictures and interactive ways, there is always a way to attract customers
The light source is traditional face light source, the display body is well protected and has a long service life. It is difficult to appear bad spots, red screen, magnetization, aging and other phenomena.

It can realize large-scale interaction of 22-84 inches and omni-directional display of audio and video

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