Multimedia applications

  • Multi-screen LED ceiling
  • Multi-screen LED ceiling
  • Multi-screen LED ceiling
Multi-screen LED ceilingMulti-screen LED ceilingMulti-screen LED ceiling

Multi-screen LED ceiling

Multimedia technology is a technology that uses computers to process text, image, graphics, animation, video, sound and other information, establish logical relationship and human-computer interaction. The real object of multimedia technology is the product of computer technology.

With the arrival of the wave of multimedia technology application, the sub exhibition of multimedia technology application brings new feeling and experience to the audience, communicates well with the audience, and enables the audience to strengthen the theme to be expressed and the image of the product to be displayed.

The application of human-computer interactive multimedia technology in modern exhibition can stimulate the initiative of the audience, arouse the interest of the audience to participate, and better the exhibition information. In the exhibition, it can add the audience experience link and the interesting game between the design and the multimedia equipment, which can not only spread the exhibition information more effectively, but also deepen the impression of the audience.

In multimedia display means, audio and video equipment can enhance the effect of demonstration because it can set off atmosphere and explain exhibits, which helps the audience to receive information better, faster and more in-depth.

At present, multimedia technology in Chinese exhibitions can be divided into several categories by corresponding attributes and technical methods. For example, interactive projection equipment technology and three-dimensional display effect system, intelligent exhibition and multi angle display technology, multi touch and virtual simulation system, simulation multimedia sandbox display and multimedia visual experience technology system.

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