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  • Intelligent light box
  • Intelligent light box
  • Intelligent light box
Intelligent light boxIntelligent light boxIntelligent light box

Intelligent light box

  • Description: Create the dynamic effect of all kinds of characters and patterns on the screen through the light intensity, darkness and alternate glow
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Intelligent light box is a perfect combination of light box, light source and technology. It replaces the traditional light source with a programmable LED light-emitting board in the traditional light box, making its picture have the sense of screen vision and vivid and magical advertising light box. It creates the dynamic effect of all kinds of words and patterns on the picture through the strong and weak light, dark and alternate reflection, forming a strong visual impact 

Intelligent performance:
In addition to the dynamic change of the light source, each light box is equipped with an intelligent detection system to collect the crowd information and conduct big data analysis in an all-round way. Our big data analysis includes:
1. Accurate attention analysis: through high-tech, take the initiative to analyze the age, gender and attention duration of each stay and watch advertisement, and upload it to the cloud server in real time for unified advertisement effect analysis, accurately mining the hidden customer data behind each advertisement, which is greatly conducive to the accurate marketing of advertisement production and delivery.
2. Intelligent advertising push: push information to people who are standing around.
3. Big data cloud analysis: online analysis of the number of people passing through each media point every hour, every day, every week and every month. Using distributed parallel computing to deal with massive data, using the latest in-depth learning for analysis, to ensure that the user wants to mine the content from the massive data.
4. Shocking data visualization: through rich data visualization tools, the results of data analysis are vividly and powerfully communicated to customers. From the time, region, location, gender, age range, detailed analysis, so that customers in front of big data deeply impressed.

Product advantages:
Creative lighting effect: according to different picture requirements, each light source can be edited and adjusted to make the picture dynamic
Any size: the dynamic light source can be spliced into any size, with light structure and a thickness of only 1.5cm, which can match any light box
Energy saving and environmental protection: energy saving and environmental protection, light source built-in, no light pollution, light source can be reprogrammed and designed repeatedly, no need to replace, and the maintenance cost in later stage is extremely low
Highly textured: smooth dynamic effect, even lighting, making the picture extremely textured, suitable for all types of high-end and brand customers

Intelligent light box will open a new era of traditional media communication

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