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  • China Huaneng Group (CHNG)
China Huaneng Group (CHNG)

China Huaneng Group (CHNG)

  • Description: With the approval by the State Council, China Huaneng Group (CHNG) has been reorganized into a Central-Government-administered state-owned enterprise on the foundation of its predecessor. CHNG is a st
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With the approval by the State Council, China Huaneng Group (CHNG) has been reorganized into a Central-Government-administered state-owned enterprise on the foundation of its predecessor. CHNG is a state-authorized investment entity and a trial enterprise of state-holding corporations.

In accordance with the mandate of the nation’s power sector reform instituted by the State Council, CHNG conducts business independently and bears the full responsibility of profits and losses. CHNG is an incorporated business entity primarily focusing on the development of power with a diversified business portfolio.

CHNG restructured its wholly-owned, holding and minority-share enterprises into regulated enterprises with accepted practice based on Corporate Law. The internal restructuring has resulted in the establishment of capital-investment relationship in the form of parent company and its subsidiaries. The aim is to build up a socialist-market-economy-oriented management and operation mechanism.

CHNG is approved to set up wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries as well as regional branches and offices both at home and abroad out of its own business consideration and in line with state regulations.

The business guidelines of CHNG could be summarized as following: to abide by the state laws and regulations and to be compliant with the state policies; to conduct business activities on its own following the country’s economic development plan, national industrial policies and market demand; to continue the reform, restructuring and renovation, to enhance management, to improve business structure, to take the advantage of the combined strength of a group of enterprises, to upgrade economic performance, to increase competitiveness, and to insure the preservation and increment of the value of the state-owned assets, to adhere to the principle of "Taking power generation as the core business while building a diversified business portfolio” so as to turn CHNG into a large enterprise group with international competitiveness featuring “Solid Capability, world-class Management, Serving the Nation and Embracing the World”.

The major business of CHNG cover the following areas:

(1)The management of the state-owned assets (state equity included) of CHNG and its subsidiaries formed by the investment from the state and owned by CHNG in accordance with law.

(2)The investment, construction, operation and management of power generation assets and the production and sale of power and heat.

(3) The investment, construction and operation of business in IT, transportation, renewable energy, environment protection, trade and fuel.

(4)Business associated with foreign trade and international cooperation with government approval.

(5)The investment and financing in domestic and international markets with government approval.

Member List of Huaneng

Member List of Huaneng

Huaneng Intemational Power Development Co.(HIPDC)
Huaneng Power International,Inc. (HPI)
North United Power Co.Ltd
Yunnan Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Co.Ltd
Huaneng Sichuan Hydro-power Co.Ltd
Huaneng Renewable Energy (holding) Co.Ltd
Huaneng Capital Service Co.Ltd
China Huaneng HongKong Co.Ltd
Huaneng Comprehensive Industrial Co.

Power Plantes of Huaneng

Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co.Ltd (China Huaneng Technology Centre)
Huiliuhe Thermal Power Plant 100MW (2×50) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
East Hailar Thermal Power Palnt 50MW (2×25) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Manzhouli Guangming Thermal Power Plant 24MW (2×12) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Hailar Thermal Power Palnt 24MW (1×12, 2×6) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Yakeshi Thermal Power Plant 24MW (4×6) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Yimin Power plant 2200 MW(2×500,2×600Under Construction),(Ewenke Qi,lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region)
Lingquan Thermal Power Plant 62MW (2×25, 2×6) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Zhalantun Thermal Power Plant 30MW (2×12, 2×3) (Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Heggang Power Plant 1200 MW  (2×300,1×600Under Construction),(Hegang,Heilongjiang)
Huaneng Xinhua Power plant 830MW(1×200,2×100,2×50,1×330 Under Construction) (Daqing,Heilongjiang)
Wulanhot Thermal Power Plant 36MW (3×12) (Wulanhot City, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng  Changshan Cogeneration Power plant 200MW(2×100) (Qianguoerluosi Mongol Automonous County,jilin)
No. 2 Xilinhot Thermal Power Plant 86MW (2×25, 3×12) (Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia)
No. 1 Xilinhot Thermal Power Plant 24MW (2×12) (Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia)
Shangdu Power Plant 1200MW (2×600 Under Construction) (Zhenglan Banner, Xilinguole League, Inner Mongolia)
No. 2 Baotou Thermal Power Plant 700MW (2×200, 2×100, 1×50, 2×25) (Qingshan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Yingkou Power plant 184MW(2×320,2×600Under Construction),(Yingkou,Liaoning)
Huaneng Dandong Power plant 700 MW(2×350),(Dandong,Liaoning)
No. 1 Baotou Thermal Power Plant 549MW (2×12, 3×100, 2×50, 1×125, 1×125 (Under Construction)) (Kundulun District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia)
Wulashan Power Plant 800MW (2×50, 1×100, 2×300Under Construction) (Wulate Qian Banner, Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Beijing Cogeneration Power plant 845 MW(2×220,2×165,1×75),(Beijing)
Fengzhen Power Plant 1200MW (6×200) (Fengzhen City, Inner Mongolia)
Hohhot Thermal Power Plant 574MW (2×200, 2×50, 2x25, 2×12) (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia)
No. 3 Baotou Thermal Power Plant 24MW (2×12) (Donghe District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Dalian Power plant 1400 MW(4×350),(Dalian,Liaoning)
Huaneng Yangliuqing  Power plant 600 MW(2×300),(Tianjin)
Dalate Power Plant 3180MW (6×330, 2×600 Under Construction) (Shulinzhao Town, Dalate Banner, Erdos, Inner Mongolia)
Wuhai Thermal Power Plant 224MW (1×200, 2×12) (Haibowan District, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia)
Haibowan Power Plant 1260MW (2×100, 2×200, 2×330Under Construction) (Hainan District, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Shang'an Power plant 1300 MW(2×350,2×300),(Shijiazhuang,Hebei)
Huaneng Weihai Power plant 850 MW(2×300,2×125),(Weihai Shandong)
Huaneng Dezhou Power plant 2550 MW(3×300, 1×330,2×660),(Dezhou Shandong)
Huaneng Yushe Power plant 800 MW(2×100,2×300 Under Construction),(Yushe,Shanxi)
Huaneng Hanfeng Power plant 1320 MW(2×660),(Handan,Hebei)
Huaneng Baiyanghe Power plant 440 MW(3×50,2×145),(Zibo shandong)
Huaneng Rizhao Power plant 700 MW(2×350),(Rizhao Shandong)
Huaneng Xindian Power plant 450 MW(2×225,2×100),(Zibo shandong)
Huaneng jining Power plant 595 MW(2×50,1×115,1×110,2×135),(Jining shandong)
Huaneng Pingliang Power plant 1200 MW(4×300),(Pingliang,Gansu)
Huaneng Qinbei Power plant 1200 MW(2×600),(Jiyuan,Henan)
Huaneng Huaiyin Power plant 1100 MW(2×220,2×330),( Huaiyin,Jiangsu)
Huaneng Suzhou Cogeneration Power plant 9 MW(1×6,1×3),(Suzhou,Jiangsu)
Huaneng Nanjing Power plant 640 MW(2×320),(Nanjing,Jiangsu)
Huaneng Nantong Power plant 1404 MW(2×352,2×350),(Nantong,jiangsu)
Huaneng Shanghai Shidongkou Second Power plant 1200 MW(2×600),(Shanghai)
Huaneng Shidongkou Power plant 1220 MW(1×320,3×300),(Shanghai)
Huaneng Shanghai Power plant 1170 MW (3×390Under Construction),(Shanghai)
Huaneng Taicang Power plant 1800 MW(2×300,2×600Under Construction),(Taicang,Jiangsu)
Huaneng Changxing Power plant 260 MW(1×125,1x135),(Changxing,Zhejiang)
Huaneng Yangluo Power plant 2400 MW(4×300,2×600 Under Construction),(Wuhan,Hubei)
Huaneng Chengdu Cogeneration Power plant 200 MW(1×200),(Chengdu,Sichuan)
Huaneng Chongqing Gas-Turbine Power plant 108.6 MW(3×36.2),(Chongqing)
Huaneng Sujiawan Power plant 300 MW(3×100),(Wuhan,Hubei)
Huaneng Yueyang Power plant 1325 MW(2×362.5,2x300 Under Construction),(Yueyang,Hunan)
Huaneng Yuhuan Power plant 2000MW(2×1000Under Construction),(Yuhuan,Zhejiang)
Huaneng Luohuang Power plant 2640MW(4×360, 2×600 Under Construction),(Chongqing)
Huaneng Jinggangshan Power plant 600 MW(2×300),(Ji'an,Jiangxi)
Huaneng Fuzhou Power plant 1400 MW(4×350),(Fuzhou,Fujian)
Huaneng Shantou Gas-turbine Power plant 103.2 MW(2×34.1, 1×35),(Shantou Guangdong)
Huaneng Shantou Power plant 1200 MW(2×300,1×600 Under Construction),(Shantou,Guangdong)
Huaneng Haikou Power plant 600 MW(2×50,4×125),(Haikou,Hainan)
Huaneng Nanshan Power plant 132 MW(2×50,2×16),(Sanya,Hainan)
Huaneng Yaoji Hydro- Power plant 240 MW(3×80 Under Construction),(Baoxing,Sichuan)
Huaneng Taiping Hydro-Power plant 260 MW(4×65),(Wenchuan,Sichuan)
Huaneng Shuiniujia Hydro- Power plant 70 MW(2×35 Under Construction),(Pingwu,Sichuan)
Huaneng Ziyili Hydro- Power plant 130 MW(2×65),(Pingwu,Sichuan)
Huaneng Muzuo Hydro- Power plant 100 MW(2×50 Under Construction),(Pingwu,Sichuan)
Huaneng Xiaoguanzi Hydro- Power plant 160 MW(4×40),(Baoxing,Sichuan)
Huaneng Qingju Hydro- Power plant 136 MW(4×34),(Nanchong,Sichuan)
Huaneng Mingtai Hydro- Power plant 45 MW(3×15),(Santai,Sichuan)
Huaneng Tongtou Hydro- Power plant 80 MW(4×20),(Lushan,Sichuan)
Huaneng Lengzhuguan Hydro- Power plant 180 MW(3×60),(Kangding,sichuan)
Huaneng Dongxiguan Hydro-Power plant 180 MW(4×45),(Wusheng,Sichuan)
Huaneng Yucheng Hydro- Power plant 60 MW(3×20),(Ya'an,Sichuan)
Huaneng Xiaotiandu Hydro- Power plant 240 MW(3×80 Under Construction),(Kangding,Sichuan)
Huaneng Shitang Hydro-Power plant 85.8 MW(3×28.6),(Yunhe,Zhejiang)
Huaneng Dali Xucun Hydro- Power plant 85.8MW(3×28.6),(Yangbi,Yunnan)
Huaneng Xiaowan Hydro- Power plant 4200 MW(6×700 Under Construction),(Fengqing,Nanjian,Yunnan)
Huaneng Manwan Hydro- Power plant 1550 MW(5×250,1×300 Under Construction),(Yunxian,Jingdong,Yunnan)
Huaneng Baicheng Wind Power Generation Plant 49.5 MW (Under Construction) (Baicheng,Jilin)
Xilinhot Wind Power Generation Plant 4.78MW (Xilinhot City, Inner Mongolia)
Zhurihe Wind Power Generation Plant 6.9MW (Sunite You Banner, Xilinguole League, Inner Mongolia)
Shangdu Wind Power Generation Plant 3.6MW (Shangdu County, Inner Mongolia)
Huitengxile Wind Power Generation Plant 68.5MW (Jining City, Inner Mongolia)
Huaneng Changdao Wind Power plant 27MW(Under Construction),(Changdao,Shandong)
Huaneng Nan'ao Wind Power plant 10.8 MW(Nan'ao,Guangdong)

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