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  • CHIC2017 Autumn exhibition
CHIC2017 Autumn exhibition

CHIC2017 Autumn exhibition

  • Time: 2017.10
  • Description: The full product line of women's wear present classical, sophisticated and casual styles at CHIC. Global brands of women's wear with the greatest potential are assembled at CHIC. Full categories can b
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We in line with market changes and demand planning, integration of resources to meet the different needs of different categories and participants, will be released, business promotion, exhibition trends and information sharing and other functions of intensive integration, to provide convenient and efficient service for you.

Exhibition Sections


Delicate lifestyle for men, demonstration of top Chinese fashion.
Formal dresses, tailor-made, business casual, fashionable leisure, denim brands, elite lifestyles express the language of fashion. Exhibitors are developing channel distribution, their brand promotion, and crossover collaboration.


The full product line of women's wear present classical, sophisticated and casual styles at CHIC. Global brands of women's wear with the greatest potential are assembled at CHIC. Full categories can be found here. This section is designed for the whole industry chain, and fullfil various business demands through efficient approaches.

Original design is connected with fashion buyers, design talents will be launched. Original brands and designers from home and abroad will meet the demand of fashion buyers. This show will become the most convenient place for order taking and resource exchange.
Asian fashion window presenting the latest international fashion trends. On stage are Autumn/winter collections. International market leaders, high-end tailor made and designer labels as well as commercial brands present their latest collection to potential partners for their market entry into the world's most dynamic consumer market.
Accessories, the must haves for the individual outfit. Well-known brands present bags & suitcases, jewelry, scarfs, headwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, fragrances, decoration products etc. and open a gate for brand collaboration, order placement, and channel expansion. The business potential of accessories is infinite. The shoes' segment is a growing part at CHIC and will have its forum in this area.
Combination of design and quality enables a remarkable channel expansion. Medium and high-end kids' wear, kids' shoes, and infant products are presented in this section. It is a grand display of kids' brands at CHIC integrating the kids' lifestyle concepts. Channel expansion and brand promotion can be easily achieved, as well as a lot of fun.
Magnificent leather & furs embodying high fashion. High-end leather & fur brands, down makers, industrial institutions and organizations join this platform which provides trading, brand promotion, and manufacturing collaboration.
Styles from international trendy brands, a new generation is rising undeniably. With important trendy brands from home and abroad, CHIC presents a stage for brand fusions, trendy crossover products, and lifestyle products.
Bridge for the integration of the industrial chain's innovative factors. The Unit presents supporting resources such as for the fashion industry relevant soft/hardware, lighting systems, displays, mannequins, auxiliary material etc. It establishes a bridge for communication and collaboration between brands and supporting resources providers.
Smarter optimization creates a new industrial landscape.
Diversified service providing systems like quick response, flexible provision, and micro-supply, etc. make it possible to construct an overall platform to improve the awareness of the "manufacturer brand" and to create a new pattern of "intelligent manufacturing".

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