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  • Time: 2017.3.9 - 12
  • Halls:2H、3H、4.1H、5.1H、6.1H、4.2H、5.2H、6.2H、NH
  • Description: As the world's largest annual exhibition for the advertising and sign industry, the APPPEXPO 2017 will be held from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 March 2017 at the National Exhibition and Convention Cent
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As the world's largest annual exhibition for the advertising and sign industry, the APPPEXPO 2017 will be held from Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 March 2017 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC) in the Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District.

The APPPEXPO will focus on future development trends in the advertising and sign industry, bringing together a wide range of industry professionals to collaborate on developing the best industry solutions. Statistics show that digital advertising media and equipment are the two segments with the most rapid business growth in the advertising industry. The main theme of the APPPEXPO 2017 will be"The Digital Trends in Advertising Changes".

This global exhibition of the ad and sign industry will host participants and spectators from more than 100 countries, with a huge scale-up in the number of professional buyers and decision-makers in attendance. The APPPEXPO 2017 will be a platform for exhibiting companies from over 30 countries to showcase their products, services, industry solutions and corporate image, in areas such as digital printing equipment and supplies, digital textile printing, media substrates and inks, engraving machines, signs and digital signage, exhibition materials, POP and commercial facilities, and LED products.

As a fantastic industry event, the APPPEXPO 2016 witnessed major improvement in the last few years, particularly with the invitation of professional audiences and organization of the exhibition. The four-day exhibition attracted a total of 163,259 visits from industry specialists from around the world. The APPPEXPO 2016 also hosted over 2,100 exhibiting companies in 8 exhibition halls at the NECC, including the North Hall and the second-floor exhibition hall, a total area of 200,000 square meters. The exhibition achieved excellent outcomes and unprecedented success.

The statistics are as follows:


Hall 1: Engraving Machines

Engraving Machines | Laser Engraving Machines | CNC Engraving System | Tools and Fittings | Sign Production Equipment | Vacuum Forming Machines | Acrylic Equipment | Cutting Machines | Cutting Plotters | Bending Machines | Polishing Machines etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will showcase the world's most complete collection of laser engraving machines, digitally-controlled engraving machines, and cutting machines, all with high added value.

Hall 2: Digital Printing Equipment & Supplies

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Imaging Equipment | UV Inkjet Printing Machines for Scroll Production | Cold Laminating Machines | Feeder Machines | Hot Laminating Machines etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will bring together digital printing brands from all over China,showcasing the great progress and excellent performance achieved by nationally manufactured products.

Hall 3: International Brands

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Imaging Equipment | UV Inkjet Printing Machines | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will showcase global advertising and sign brands, particularly the most well-known digital printing brands.

Hall 4.1: Media, Substrates & Inks

Flex Banner Fabrics | Glue Products | Reflective Materials | Photographic Paper and Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Consumables | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates | PVC Foam Boards | Aluminum Composite Panels etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will present an infinite number and variety of global brands specializing in media, substrates and inks.

Hall 5.1: Signs and Digital Signage

Signs | Signage Products | Tri-vision and Multi-vision Billboards | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machines | 3D Products | Light boxes | Luminous Products | LED Display Screens | LED/LCD TVs etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will focus on both traditional and digital signage while showing the advanced "Touch and Response" technology of digital signage.

Hall 6.1: Exhibition Displays

Exhibition Equipment | Portable Exhibition Equipment | Display Stands and Other POP Products | Commercial Decoration Materials | Shelves and Product Display Cabinets | Equipment for Sales Promotion | Holographic Projections | Interactive Multimedia | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | 3D Displays etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will help exhibiting companies to promote their products, develop innovative approaches to sales promotion, attract more customers and boost customer purchases.

North Hall: Digital Textile Printing

Digital Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | UV Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | Digital Inkjet Textile Printing System | Direct-injected Textile Printing Inks | Textile Printing Products etc.

Digital textile printing technology will lead to changes in the design and production of printed fabrics, creating printed patterns to better satisfy customer needs.

Digital Textile Printing

The new digital textile printing technology combines cutting-edge digital techniques with traditional inkjet technology, representing a milestone for the textile printing industry. Compared to traditional printing and dyeing techniques, this has faster production times and lower energy consumption, with no pollution, leading to better textile printing results, and more flexible production.

The successful application of digital textile printing technologyhas created unprecedented opportunities for traditional inkjet printing companies to collaborate with the textile printing industry.

Digital Signage

Digital signage provides a set of interfaces that display a range of content for public or private areas such as stores, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Digital signage can present commercial, financial and economic information and entertainment on large display screens and interact with audiences.

With the help of digital signage, companies can streamline the customer communication process and create opportunities to improve customer relations. Customers can use it to clearly describe their own needs, for a better shopping experience.

Digital Display

As a specific commercial application of digital sensing technology, digital display combines virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology. Specifically, digital display products include holographic projection, interactive multimedia, electronic sand tables, augmented reality, virtual reality, motion sensing interaction, ring screen systems, building projection, water screen movies, dome screen systems, electronic page turning, digital interaction, and 3D display.

Compared with the traditional display model of "Product + Display Board", digital display has unparalleled advantages, offering a more realistic experience through virtual reality and an extended real-world environment with augmented reality.

Asian Advertising Association: an Outcome of the "One Belt, One Road" Strategy

The Asian Advertising Association (AAA) is an Asia-wide advertising and sign organization jointly established by the APPPEXPO, Korea and Japan as part of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy. A wide range of industry organizations and professional exhibitions from 15 countries and regions have joined the AAA. Every year, each AAA member organizes a delegation of professional buyers to attend the APPPEXPO.

Innovative Marketing Models

The APPPEXPO has been exploring innovative technologies and methods since its inception, focusing on traditional media channels, integrating selected publicity channels after independent review, and promoting cross-border innovation. By leveraging the fast and easy interconnections of the Internet, the APPPEXPO sends accurate and extensive publicity to targeted groups via multiple media platforms, enabling wider coverage and greater effectiveness, and significantly increasing its professional audience.

Chinese Wide–Format Printing Executive Briefing

As well as commercial trading, the APPPEXPO also promotes academic exchange. The Chinese Wide-Format Printing Executive Briefing will be held again in 2017, jointly convened by the sponsor of the APPPEXPO and InforTrends, a world-famous market research company. Professional analysts will share their unique insights into the global and Asian wide-format printing markets, as well as China's booming market. CEOs and senior executives from leading brands will be invited to give speeches on the use of digital technologies. The highlight of the event will be presentations by the key customers of attending manufacturers, about how they achieve success with the concrete application of digital technologies.

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