Business Investigation

Brand Marketing Research

Many difficulties come up during daily business activities by many companies,
◇ Product has high awareness, but little sales performance, why?
◇ The company could not control market demand by promotion aimed at target market.
◇ Consumers have little knowledge about the difference between your brand and others.
◇ ……
A large reason of these questions is the awareness gap between the company designed brand image and the image which consumers believe. So the consumers could not response with the band by communication.

Brand concept
Brand is a complex and integrated symbol. It is an image built by consumers through awareness, experience, feeling and feedback. And it is a total name of brand attributes, name, package, price, history, fame, and advertising.

The biggest difference between brand and product is that product is actual material produced by factory and brand is psychology satisfaction consumers get. So product could be copied by competitors while brand is unique. Product is easy to finish life circle, while successful brand could last forever. When we come to marketing times, the largest feature of market competition is that the company could not pull the sales only by advertising, while it is competition by brand.

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