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Huawei donates physiotherapy equipment for special children in Bangladesh

Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited donated physiotherapy equipment to a Bangladeshi vocational training center for special children on Thursday.
The program was arranged by the PFDA-Vocational Training Center and Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited. The donation ceremony was inaugurated by the Bangladeshi Social Welfare Minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed as the chief guest in presence of Sajida Rahman Danny, chairman of PFDA-Vocational Training Center and Huawei officials.
Through this event, Huawei has officially handed over Ultra Sound therapy (UST), Ultra red radiation (IRR), Short wave diathermy (SWD), Short wave diathermy (SWD), Electrical muscle stimulator (EMS), Traction machine (Pelvic and cervical traction) with bed and other equipment to PFDA-Vocational Training Center.
These equipment will help this institute as well as the students to take immediate physical aids in emergencies, said Huawei in a statement. Students will get necessary physiotherapy for their wellbeing.
CCTV cameras will help the teachers as well as authority to understand not only the behavioral pattern of students but also find the root cause of any sudden behavior of them.
The social welfare minister said "To help the special children, both public and private organizations should work hand in hand. And today, Huawei and PFDA-Vocational Training Center are setting a great example with that inspiration."
Zhang Zhengjun, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, said in his opening speech that "We care the development of local communities. In light of the special conditions and needs of Bangladesh, Huawei has come up with the topic for its social responsibility activities in the country."
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