Exhibition Services


Your problem:

To hold an exhibition in China, you can not send all things through internet, you should send your samples,catalogs,and other material to China, at the moment, you expect the logistic service is punctual, safe, and cheap. If you search the help from a wrong company, you can not be guaranteed with anything.

What we can provide you:

Vessels, ships, planes, trucks, warehouses, machinery & equipments for loading & unloading, etc.

How we do:

We have many good resources supporting our logistic services:
1. We have a very strict system to select our logistic partner, only those excellent companies who has been certified by government and has a good reputation in China can be recommended to you.
2. Excellent Human Resource :  Busiunion’s professional staff, with a good command of each links in the logistic chain and ability to communicate freely with you both in Chinese and in English, are ready at any time to accept your logistic requirements and meet them to the best of their abilities.
3. Perfect transportation network and sufficient transport capacity: For good realization of the logistic service plan of your exhibits, Busiunion can not only make use of means of transport of its own ,we also take advantage of other means of transport directly or indirectly at world market as well.
4. Good management: Proceeding from meeting your detailed requirements, Busiunion has being looked for and got rid of its demerits from her management system. A standard management system is bettering her logistic service to you all.

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