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France's car sales drop by 27 pct in November

Car sales in France shrank by 27.03 percent in November year-on-year as the coronavirus crisis dragged the economy to a second nationwide lockdown, forcing people to stay home and all non-essential shops to shut down, France's Automobile Manufacturers Committee (CCFA) said on Tuesday.

In the period, auto manufacturers provided the French market with 126,048 vehicles compared with 172,731 in the same month a year ago, CCFA said in its monthly report.

Sales of French car brands dropped by 28.09 percent. The country's leading auto maker Groupe PSA, which makes the Peugeot and Citroen brands, offered 41,772 units, down by 23.36 percent compared to last year's performance.

Renault, France's second largest car manufacturer, reported the same negative trend. It saw sales declining by 34.16 percent.

Sales of foreign car brands suffered a 25.66-percent drop. Sales of Japanese Mitsubishi Motors declined by 70.51 percent and that of American Ford Motor Company, by 41.75 percent.

On Oct. 30, France imposed a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus resurgence. People can leave their homes only to buy food and medicine. All non-essential businesses were closed, and outdoor gatherings were banned.

A gradual easing of the restrictive measures started last week, while the restriction on people's movement would remain in place until Dec. 15. 

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