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Your problem:

Can you get enough suitable custumers and suppliers in China? This is a real problem you must deal with, especially you are not a big company and can't afford too much money to do marketing works in China. Another problem is, if you want to save money and search for these companies from public sources, such as: newspaper, website, TV, and so on,  you should take the risk of delay and loss.

What we can provide you:

As a professional local company, Busiunion has a stable relationship with many kinds of business organizations, so we have a big database to utilize, among these amounts of companies, there should exist some companies suitable for you.

How we do:

Busiunion is the first company who provides one-to-one service to foreign company. We devote to building a harmonious relationship between Chinese and foreign companies, so we are the first one who can provide this service: Visit goal customers.

Customer matching
Discover top potential China companies in scores of verticals through our customer matching system,which helps you pick up the most suitable customers;
All you need to do is just a simple call or email to let us know your requirement;
We will reply you with thorough quotation sheet as soon as possible.

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