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Your problem:

A good relationship always originates in respect, knowing Chinese culture and speaking Chinese, are good ways to show your respect, then you will be accepted by Chinese companies easily. But how can you get these soon after you make decision to exploit Chinese market? One way is to do some extra homeworks in your country, the other is to learn these during you do business in China, now, you need some trainning.

What we can provide you:

In each major city, we can provide you the services as: Chinese language courses, professional language courses, cross-culture courses, and summer/winter study tour.

How we do:

1. Unique learning methods make your language study more simple and effective.
2. The teachers in Busiunion are selected through a rigorous and meticulous training. Our experienced teachers graduated from such universities as FudanUniversity, EastChinaNormalUniversity, JiaotongUniversity, ShanghaiNormalUniversity, NanjingUniversity, Suzhou University, ZhejiangNormal University and so on, with qualification certificates of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Our teachers are rich in Chinese teaching experience. They all have a highly professional manner, and gain great popularity among all the students.
3.Busiunion has rich experiences in corporation training. We have established good business relationships with many companies.
4.All our campuses have beautiful and tranquil environments, make you feel just like at home the moment you step in, and every student could feel getting somewhere in their learning by studying in our home-like environment.

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