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As a country with a long history and a wide landscape, China get plenty of culture heritages from ancestor, all of these are kept well and provide you more chance to know Chinese culture well. Sightseeing in old towns, famous spots and cities, can bring you a very comfortable relaxing feeling, too many surprises are waiting for you. 

but when you make your decision to start your trip, you will start to worry about where youl go, how to plan the trip without wasting time and money, where you live and what you should eat, and the most important thing is: do not get lost and misunderstood in China. Now, you should find a professional guide to arrange your trip to solve all the problems... 

What we can provide you:

Busiunion is a good reputation company, we have a good relationship with many excellents traveling agents around the China, furthermore, This kind of service is just be a part of whole business trip, so, we can provide high quality service far beyond what a traveling agent does.

How we do:

good service comes from attitude and experience, which is our promission;

We provide you several special services for you to select:

Small Group: Enjoy the flexibility of traveling in a group of no more than 6-18 and benefit from low prices, specially selected five-star hotels and a la carte meals! Fixed departure dates. 
Private China Tours: Tailor-made itineraries with durations from just one day or to a month or more. Personalized flexibility for just you or your family; Private guided vacation plans catering for different budgets and tastes. 
Yangtze Cruise: Join a scenic cruise along the spectacular Yangtze River journeying through the famous three gorges, witness local customs and maybe take an extended trip to the riverside cities. 
Tibet Tour: Famed as 'the roof of the world', the mystical and sacred Tibet is the ultimate tourist venue, noted for its people, religion, and unique high altitude scenery. 
City Packages: Imperial Beijing, Historical Xian, Gorgeous Guilin, Modern Shanghai, Mystical Tibet, and more...each city has its unique flavor and characteristics that may allure you to savor. 

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