Business Investigation

Competition Research

Who could be called competitors? For a company, those who threaten the existence and development of the company are competitors. We could divide them into several types as following.
◆ Strong company in same industry
◆ Weak company, may be merged
◆ The company in other industry, but easy to enter into the industry without any difficuty
◆ New company, cooperation with other companies
◆ The company which has strategy of entering the industry
◆ The clients or the dealers for the reason of integration

The key of competitor research is to understand development and power changes of competitor. In business field, the shortness of information will lead to bind decision. By understanding competitors' attitude, future objective, and current ability, the company could have more rational and confident competition strategy.

Moreover, we need to understand competitors' daily operation such as sales, manufacturing, logistics and etc. Then we could find distance with competitors and get more bargaining ability.

By various way, Busiunion helps our clients to get more competition information, and help to get a better position in competition.

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