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When you want to renew your visa, you will take the long way and spend a lot of money to travel to Hong Kong for just 3 minutes paperwork! You will then look for a service company to where you can hand in your application papers. You will then wait in Hong Kong while your papers move to and then back from the relevant authorities. This is only because you have not found a local company to offer a welcome relief for you!
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Now, you need not worry about so many trivial problems, we are professional company, and we have helped many foreigners in China get a satisfying visa service, not only save they money, but save they priceless time.

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As a famours and good reputation company, Busiunion have many good business partners who can provide satisfying visa service around China. We offer courteous VISA service to private foreigners and staff of business organizations. Our company is familiar with the application procedures and the applicable domestic law. So forget about going Hong Kong. Forget the long way. Forget the traveling. It is too complicated and expensive. Get the same quality services from our company. And if you are a newcomer in China,and you have this kind of headache, let Busiunion share some of your burdens; We will help you to handle all the jobs related VISA .

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