Business Trip

Room and Board

Your problem:

During the daytime of your business trip, you will feel very tired, so what is your first need? A comfortable bed and bathroom. Who can help you choose a suitable hotel?  

What we can provide you:

The items of our service are: recommend suitable hotel, book rooms, pick you up from airport, vehicles rent, etc.

How we do:

Our Busiunion is a service network, through this network, you can contact with thousands of hotels in China, especially in main cities. We provide you the hotels which can service you in English or your mother language, also with comfortable environments.

Relying on us is better than both little and large agents: large agent will cost you more, but little one just provide you low price with low quality service, as a business union, we have many stable partners around China, which can promise you get better discount than book rooms by youself.

you can also get help from some professional websites we have approved:


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