Business Investigation

Satisfaction Research

The cost of developing a new customer is 20 times of the cost of maintain an old customer according marketing statistics. The need of customers seems endless forever. Although the dissatisfied customers still keep silent, they have chances to select other suppliers.

Provide better service than competitors' is the key to get the market. In service market, as the service is intangible and limited in time, any service promise is a kind of advertising if it could not get feedback from customers on time.

By quantitative and qualitative analysis, satisfaction research gets customers' evaluations indexes on products and service, such as satisfaction, shortness, repeating purchasing rate and recommendation rate, which helps to know the distance with competitors and unreasonable aspects in service process.

In fact, consumers' dissatisfaction to products or service is based on perception to marketing strategy. For example, they may be dissatisfaction to price, retailing place, service and so on. However, the company could not only improve these indexes simply and separately, as all the marketing strategies need cooperation of each department. If one department has problem in process, the final result is to destroy an excellent marketing strategy.
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