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Your problem:

To each newcomer of China, speaking Chinese is a necessary skill to do everything; especially during your business trip, speaking Chinese with help you get respect from most Chinese people. you can search the help from some guides, but it's too expensive from a long run, at the same time, you will feel very inconvenient to communicate with them.

What we can provide you:

Busiunion can provide professional language servise across China, not only help you speak Chinese, but help you know Chinese culture better, make you work and live easily and happily in China. And our Lessons focus on practical, spoken Chinese, which you may use socially, for work ,for living or for travel in China.

How we do:

Using proprietary materials, Our experienced instructors are native speakers who know how to keep teaching learner-centered and effective.

Busiunion offers small group lessons (Maximum 4 persons) in mandarin, beginner through advanced levels. If you prefer to have intensive training, private lessons are available. All levels, corporate instruction and group classes are offered with flexible schedules.

Beginner Chinese

With a strong emphasis on speaking, expect ample time learning new expressions and vocabulary, grammatical structures, and proper pronunciation.
The beginner student will learn 2100 new vocabulary words, 160 new grammatical structures, and the ability to speak in most daily life situations.
Daily Chinese

These courses are designed for students who have busy schedules and do not have time for a long term study plan.
The course enables students to survive daily life in China by focusing first on the Chinese phonetic system called "Pinyin" and then on basic daily conversational situations such as living, working and traveling in China, the course enables you to easily  ‘’survive” in daily life.
You can take a class level by level according to your specific situation and requirement with the purpose of improving your ability in Mandarin gradually. We offer part time (2-3 sessions/week) and intensive group classes (4-5 sessions/week), with 2.5 or 3 hours each session.

Practical Chinese

The course contains four levels, starting from beginners and going to an intermediate level. It is designed for foreigners who are living and working in China. The course includes everyday situations, vocabulary, popular phrases and the most frequently used sentences. It emphasizes in practicality and aims to help foreigners master day-to-day Chinese and enjoy lives in China.
Compare to the traditional Chinese language centers, which just deliver the contents of textbooks, our teachers focus on the different situations of every student. By the qualified and experienced teachers, the student-centered teaching methods can really fulfill your real needs.
1. After 320 hours (40 hours × 2 levels, plus 60 hours × 4 levels) systematic learning, you will be able to communicate fluently with local people, and make your living and working environment more harmonious. You will also be able to make some new friends in the social occasions.
2. You will be offered a deluxe club membership which is an excellent communication platform for foreign residents in China.
3. You can enjoy the social activities and gatherings with new friends.

Business Chinese

These courses cover Chinese communication in the business world, in areas such as, daily intercommunication, business etiquette, commercial activities, negotiation and consultation.

Using the most successful business Chinese curriculum in the US, this class analyzes real case studies of doing business in China and provides "office Chinese" vocabulary for students working in Chinese-speaking work environments.

Each class is unique in design and context; however, the low student-to-teacher ratio will allow the teacher to give each student ample personal attention to achieve his or her goals. At the intermediate level, this usually involves speaking and reading in a more "professional" context.

We have all levels of Business Chinese language courses, ranging from absolute beginner up to improving your ability to read economic and industry periodicals. The beginner class concentrates on business Chinese language as well as workplace culture. In particular, the course emphasizes learning business Chinese for commercial activities and social skills. Introductions to Chinese society, culture, customs and commercial background knowledge will help you with a basic understanding of the general market situation in China.

Advanced courses are designed by you with input from your instructor to build and improve your abilities in areas such as negotiations, newspaper and report reading, interviewing, hiring, & other management skills, employee/employer relations, team-building, and public speaking.

Business Chinese is conducted in group discussions whenever possible to help students deepen their understanding and exchange ideas on these topics.

Survival Chinese

From this course you can learn
Self introduction
Basic greetings, polite expression
Number, date, season
Ask for help
Take transportation and ask direction
Travel vocabulary, how to book hotel and tickets
Order food and ask for bill
Banking and cash exchange
Go shopping, learn to bargain
See a doctor
Talk about weather
Language Exchange

Language Exchange is a great service that we provide for our members and for foreign students in China learning Mandarin . In a language exchange ,people take turns speaking the other perspon’s native language .This way ,both partners get a chance to practice speaking the language they want to learn.
Not only is language exchange a great way to practice your English but it’s a way to meet foreign students studying Mandarin from all over the world !
Academic Courses

Academic courses are designed for those who want to increase Chinese language level thoroughly in short time, which focus on all four major skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with systematic study of weekly 30 lessons, to reach your academically demanding and pass HSK test. This kind of courses is the pre-university and pathway program for international students wanting to go on to study in higher education in China.

Summer Camp

Summer camp provides Chinese study program in an entertaining way, which is an ideal study mode for teenagers. Besides 20 Chinese lessons per week, teenagers will take part in culture practice, social activities, and excursions. The goal of us is to increase students’ interests in learning Chinese and study efficiency through activities.

In the past several years, over hundrends of teenagers from all over the world had taken part in our summer camp, they did not only increase their Chinese level, but also made new friends and got knowledge of Chinese culture, by spending a meaningful and amazing vacation.

There are 3 program types for diverse needs:
1) Day Camp (7-12 years old)
Students study, play and take part in activities at school in the daytime, but spend time with family in the evening and at weekends.
2) Full-day Camp (13-16 years old)
Students are compassed in Chinese language environment whole day, studying and living with teachers and mates to experience Chinese culture.
3) Family Package
Specially designed for family peregrination, including parents and children.
Group Size: Maximum of 12 Students per Class
Chinese Newspaper Reading

In this focused class, you will learn how to read different sections of a newspaper and discuss the topics therein using articles from authentic sources.
Each class is unique in design and context; however, the low student-to-teacher ratio will allow the teacher to give each student ample personal attention to achieve his or her goals. At the intermediate level, this usually involves speaking and reading in a more "professional" context.

HSK Examination Preparation

Chinese Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, is the standardized test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in their Chinese ability. Its HSK prep courses are designed to teach you methods that will assist you in attaining your highest possible score on the HSK for further study in Chinese universities. While the content includes listening & reading comprehension, grammar, written expressions, as well as spoken and written sections, the primary focus is devoted to test taking skills and strategies.

Enterprise training program

This program is designed for those who is working in a company and need to improve their Chinese communication skills at work, and learn more about related background information on Chinese culture, society, economic policy, political system, etc.
Through cooperation with the well-known national or international enterprises (organizations) for years, we have accumulated rich experience on enterprise language training, and know how to solve the problems in a professional training.
We will make a customized curriculum based on your needs and objectives, help you reaching your goals through our specialized training.

Chinese Culture and Society

Using cultural topics, current affairs, and language materials from different literary genres as the context, this class teaches intermediate learners to comprehend, speak, read, and discuss complex topics in Chinese.
Each class is unique in design and context; however, the low student-to-teacher ratio will allow the teacher to give each student ample personal attention to achieve his or her goals. At the intermediate level, this usually involves speaking and reading in a more "professional" context.

Customized Course

Our customized Chinese program is tailor made for individual and companies.
We offer personalized study plans and specific Chinese lessons based on different fields, include Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Finance, Trade, Insurance, Management, Legal, Telecommunications, Chinese Calligraphy, Sports, Chinese Art, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Music.

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