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Costa Coffee to launch ready-to-drink coffee products in China

International coffee brand Costa Coffee announced Wednesday that it will launch a line of ready-to-drink coffee products in China.

Costa Coffee released ready-to-drink coffee products in the company’s home market of Britain in June 2019.

Costa’s ready-to-drink line launches with two variants. The new drinks feature reduced sugar and fat content. Costa is initially launching ready-to-drink coffee drinks in "select, high-potential markets" in China in late March.

“China is a priority market of Costa Coffee, and this is one of many exciting ideas to improve and localize the experience we deliver for our Chinese consumers,” said Shakir Moin, chief operating officer of Costa International.

Founded in London in 1971, Costa Coffee operates with over 4,000 coffee shops globally. In 2006, Costa Coffee entered into the Chinese market with its first store in Shanghai.

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