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SAIC-GM recalls nearly 250,000 Buicks

SAIC General Motors Corporation Ltd. (SAIC-GM), a joint venture between the Shanghai-based SAIC Motor and General Motors, is recalling 249,953 Buicks due to defective brake lines, China's top quality watchdog said Friday.

The recall, which began Friday, involves 112,108 Buick GL8 cars ("Luxury Business Edition" of 2017-2018 models) manufactured between Sept. 28, 2016, and July 24, 2018, as well as 137,845 Buick GL8 cars ("New Edition" of 2017-2019 models) manufactured between June 6, 2016, and Oct. 11, 2018, said a statement on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

Deviations in the size of the brake line fittings in the involved vehicles may lead to brake fluid leaks, causing a loss of brake pressure and affecting brake performance.

SAIC-GM will replace the brake lines free of charge, according to the statement.

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