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Intel, Google Cloud collaborate to help enterprises' hybrid, multi-clouds deployment

Intel and Google Cloud on Monday announced their collaboration to simplify enterprises' ability to adopt and deploy cloud-first business models using their existing self-managed hardware.

The two organizations co-developed reference architectures optimized for the now-generally available "Anthos on bare metal" solution, which can help customers expedite hybrid and multi-cloud deployments within their enterprise, the announcement said.

Intel and Google Cloud have co-developed two reference architectures for Anthos on bare metal -- a data center reference architecture and an edge reference architecture, according to the announcement.

Targeted at data center and edge computing use cases, customers can leverage the reference architectures to rapidly deploy enterprise-class applications on their existing hardware infrastructure and efficiently handle complicated hybrid and multi-cloud tasks.

"With today's rapidly evolving business climate, enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to modernize their business while leveraging their existing infrastructure," said Jason Grebe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Group.

"Intel's support for Anthos on bare metal ensures that customers can quickly deploy their enterprise applications on existing hardware, simplifying their path to hybrid and multi-cloud approaches," said Rayn Veerubhotla, director of Partner Engineering at Google Cloud. 

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