Business Investigation

Advertising Effects Research

The result of adverting is that consumer will have changes in awareness of feeling to products even they did not purchase.
But companies have more requirements to advertising. They expect advertising could bring obvious sales increase. In 1990's, high frequency advertising really pushed the sales increase greatly.

As the market become more rational, much advertising may not bring high sales. Purchasing behaviors are influenced by a series of variables, such as product quality, advertising, price, distribution channels and consumption culture. Advertising is only an important part of these variables. The company could not take sales increase as the standard to evaluate the advertising effects.

CharColn Consulting believes advertising effects are decided by three factors, media quality, advertising content and media mix plan.

◆ Media quality decides how many people will see the advertising.
◆ Advertising content decides whether the receiving people will have positive evaluation.
◆ Media mix plan decides whether the advertising content are fully exposed to the most suitable consumers.

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