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Facebook's data transfer service first trialed in Ireland

A new service developed by social media giant Facebook to allow its users to transfer data from Facebook to another online platform has been put into use on a trial basis in Ireland, local media reported on Monday.

Starting from Monday, Facebook users in Ireland will be able to move their photos and videos directly to Google Photos, making them the first users of such a service in the world, said RTE, a national radio and television broadcaster in Ireland.

The photo transfer tool can be accessed in the Your Facebook Information section of the app's settings, said the report, adding that all data transferred will be encrypted and users will be required to enter their password before a transfer begins.

The report quoted Steve Satterfield, director of Privacy and Public Policy at Facebook, as saying that the new service is part of a drive by Facebook to increase data portability in order to give users better control over their own information.

According to the report, Facebook users in other parts of the world will be able to get access to this new service in the first half of the next year.

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