Business Trip

Business Trip

Your problem:

Do you want to step into Chinese market, share the big cake with others? 
Whatever your business is, you can always find a big market existing in China, most companies from your country have already come here and earn enough profits, we believe that you are planning to come here. But you still hesitate about whether you can find suitable way to run the business, so you need a friend help you to arrange almost everything in china: investigation,information collection,arrangement for meeting, exhibition, board and lodging, sightseeing, and so on. 
What we can provide you:

our service scope is: Translation, Interpretation, Sightseeing, Visa Services, Entertainments, Room and Board,Set up New Company.

How we do:

As one of our specialized services, we provide Executive Business Tour to China periodically. It has been an effective and efficient way for business executives and entrepreneurs to find international business opportunity, achieve their goal in sourcing/partnership, explore the huge Chinese Market, build connection with government officials, and Gain an understanding some of the key elements of Chinese business culture, protocol, and etiquette. 

we concern about the real need of our customers, so we provide these services covered almost all kinds problems you will meet in China, especially doing business here.

Busiunion has a good relationship with many good service venders, which are qualified by us with a strict standard system, so we can provide you a flexible plan, even your problem is seldom happened or difficult to deal with.

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