Business Investigation

Industry Annual Analysis and Forecast Report

According to the authorized data(fist hand investigation data) and scientific analysis system, Busiunion will help you to analysis the industry development situation and tendency, provide annually analysis and forecast report of focus industry, help you to evaluate the industry investment value, decide the best investment and competitive strategy.

Research Main Point:
·Industry overview description: industry division, overall analysis, industry chain analysis;
· Industry structure: product structure, industry concentration analysis, economy type structure, cost expense structure;
·Market situation: market scale, market share, main product situation, market competition character, market potential;
·Import and export situation: import and export scale, import and export product structure, main import and export country and area;
·Industry performance: Integrated performance appraisal of recent five years, asset operation situation appraisal, profit gaining appraisal, debt reimbursement appraisal, development capability evaluation;
· Enterprise analysis of same industry: enterprise division analysis, main enterprise sales situation, enterprise acquisition and merger, top enterprise case study;
·Industry development environment: industry regulation, investment and financing regulation, analysis of WTO entry influence;
·Industry development tendency forecast: industry development tendency forecast of future three years, market potential perdiction.
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