Visit Goal Customers

Arrange the Visiting

Your problem:

when you find a suitable customer, the next step in to visit him and get a closer communication, but if you arrange the whole trip by youself, many kinds of problems come to you, such as: transport vehicles, the customer background, professional interpretion, questionnaire, etc. Can you deal with each thing smoothly in China?

What we can provide you:

we can help you prepare each thing as your willing, from picking you up from airport, booking hotel,  contacting with customer, arranging interpreter, recording the negotiation, to helping you analy feasibility of your projects.

How we do:

Busiunion is the first company who provides one-to-one service to foreign company. We devote to building a harmonious relationship between Chinese and foreign companies, so we are the first one who can provide this service: Visit goal customers.

Factory tour
A formal on-site inspection for the production capabilities of potential suppliers, customers and partners;
You will get accompanied by a knowledgeable sales consultant with good understanding of local business and industry;
Free drive from airport or hotel to the factory which you choose beforehand;
We won’t involve in any negotiation between the two parties.

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