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Didi cars to self-drive in public in US

CHINA’S drive-sharing company Didi Chuxing Technology Co was approved by California Department of Motor Vehicles to test its self-driving vehicles.

A list posted on DMV’s website showed 53 pieces of Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permits had been permitted as of last Thursday. Didi was the latest to join the group, which includes both technology and automotive companies.

Didi Senior Communications Director Liang Sun was quoted by The Wall Street Journal on Monday as saying that the company had been testing autonomous vehicles in a closed internal environment for a while and it is finalizing its plans to begin US road trials which will be made in a “prudent and safety-first” manner.

Didi last year opened its main research facility in Mountain View in California, 860 kilometers north of Los Angeles, to focus on developing artificial intelligence, including autonomous driving.

The approval from the California DMV is Didi’s first license for testing on public roads in the US. Many Chinese companies including Baidu, Faraday & Future, and Changan Automobile, have also started testing in the state.
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