Business Investigation

Business Information

Your problem:

Before you make decision to enter Chinese market, you need more accurate information about the field you want to explore, but the information from internet and other sources are far away from your need,  because of the language limit, you are very inconvenient to get these information, you need a reliable source to provide you enough accurate information, how can you do?

What we can provide you:

Our service is: to provide you the background and business status of a certain company, and Chinese official or business documents in English.

How we do:

As a Chinese company, we have a unique advantage, language. We can collect amount of accurate information in Chinese which you cann't get in your country and language.

Through many years accumulation, we possess a huge database, which include the updated information of each field, and potential high quality companies. Our specialists collect and classify these information everyday,to ensure that you can get useful data as you willing.

Special Market Monitoring of China

A specific product markets in China, Busiunion monitors dynamic industrial information, publicity information of related enterprises, and information released by media or publications, and provides such information in languages required by customers.

Market Survey Report of China

As per customer's specific requirement, Busiunion can provide multi-language market analysis reports done by a sister company or provided by partners (reports provided by partners are normally in Chinese version, and Busiunion will translate in languages as per customer requirement).

Industry Analysis Report of China

For international enterprises that wish to learn about certain industries in China or enter Chinese market, or for those that have already entered China, Busiunion can provide analysis reports on related industries based on their requirements and objectives.

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