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Do you find communicating with foreigns is a very difficult thing? Except for sending email in foreign words, you need a high efficient assistant to help you to record business meeting, negotiate with customers, even go shopping, etc.

What we can provide you:

our service scope is:Press release, business activity, negotiation, technology exchange, audio/video translation and real-time interpretation. 

How we do:

All interpreters in Busiunion have both a degree of language and a degree of a specific industry. Their mastery of the language and terminologies is a guarantee for their faithful translation.
If there is any secrecy in the service you required, please contact us for the content of the secrecy contract.
If you demand a highly professional interpretation service, please provide the following information so as to guarantee the best service:
Ways of interpretation: (including interactive translation and real-time interpretation)
Introduction to the business area and technology involved
Whether a professional equipment is required
Business accompanying

Busiunion provides business accompanying service by arranging interpretors in company with foreign people for business activities (business visits, negotiations, etc.) to smooth over language barrier and assist in business.

Consecutive interpretation at meetings

Consecutive interpretation refers to the process in which the interpreter takes notes during the speech of a source language speaker, and interprets the speech during the pauses made by the speaker into another language.During the time of league of nations, all speeches were interpreted through consecutive interpretation. At that time, some interpreters had such outstanding skills that they could take notes for a time as long as 30 minutes and clearly and completely express the content of speach in another language.Compared with simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation requires longer-time instant memory and even stricter accuracy. In addition, consecutive translation is more specialized in terms of the subjects it treated compared with simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation over meetings (Simultaneous interpretation):

Simultaneous interpretation is a way of interpretation in which the interpreter uses a language to orally express the exact content and idea that are expressed in another language (source language), at almost the same pace as the speaker of the source language.Usually the interpreter will sit in a sound-proof room, receiving voice of the speaker via an earphone and interpreting the voice heard simultaneously to the audience.This form of interpretation requires professional equipment and very professional interpreters.
Simultaneous interpretation is widely applied in various international conferences and live TV programs. Its advantages lie in that: time of meeting can be reduced since multiple languages are spoken simultaneously, and efficiency of meeting is enhanced without distracting the speaker’s attention and bringing negative impact to the atmosphere of the meeting.To improve the accuracy of interpretation, interpreters will usually obtain in advance some materials related to speeches to be given by the speakers at international conferences for their preparation.

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