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During the meeting with a foreign person, can you be sure that you will say each word correctly, without confusion and misapprehension? During the dinner with a Chinese, can you get used to share the meal with them from the same dish? China has a long history, even in China, There exist many different cultures, if you can not understand Chinese culture very well, you will face with mang frictions during your business.

What we can provide you:

Our service cover each detail which you may meet in China, such as: The Characteristics of the Chinese People, Business Meetings, Establishing Business Relations, Cross-Cultural Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Negotiation, Management, Taboos and Fondnesses, Festival Celebrations, and so on.

How we do:

Firstly, we are Chinese local company, of course we know our culture better than you!

In cross-cultural training, rich training materials are provided by Busiunion. All information gives a moderate and all-round introduction to the key aspects of Chinese culture.

We provide many methods to you to approach different cultures in China, such as: lectures, group discussions, study tour, Picnic, film appreciation, etc.

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