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Honeywell’s revenue up strongly

HONEYWELL’S revenue in China grew by double digits last year as the US-based multinational rode on the nation’s environmental protection and industrial upgrading efforts.

China contributed above 20 percent to its global sales growth over past years, said Lydia Lu, vice president of communications for Asia High Growth Regions, who didn’t reveal specific figures.

Its main business sectors of aerospace, smart buildings and household applications, specialty materials and safety “all posted double digit growth” in China last year, said William Yu, vice president for Honeywell’s performance materials and technologies for Asia Pacific.

Yu cited the revenue growth to “the nation’s environmental protection and industrial upgrading efforts.”

He said that Honeywell’s local research group is working on a thermal oxidizer which can control air pollution in chemical and pharmacy plants. The product is set to be released this year, according to Yu.
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