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Your problem:

Without a detailed plan in a strange market, holding an exhibition in China can bring you much trouble. For many reasons, you may take part in an exhibition without sending anybody there, or you can not get enough employees to achieve your target, what can you do now?

What we can provide you:

To solve your problems, we have an excellent exhibition human resource to deal with this embarras. Our employees have been divided into several functions, for each case, we set up a team which can fully represent our customer to carry out his strategy in the exhibition, such as: project manager communicate with you in English, models for well show your products, professional salespersons introduce your products and company to potential customers,  reception girls representing your company's image,  translators help salesmen to communicate with foreign vistors, marketing investigator collect and analysis information for you.

How we do:

All our professional partners and we have engaged in this service for many years, so we have accumulated enough and excellent experience to meet your need.

we select our employees and partners with very strict terms, only those who really know how to organize and manage a successful exhibition can have a chance to service you.

We can provide you professional project manager to operate whole procession in each major city,such as: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Shenyang, Dalian, Xian, and so on.

The workflow is:

Before exhibition:After we receive you email of request, we will select a project manager to connect with you to get more details; according to your need, the project manager will make a schedular and a budget to you, when get your confirmation, the project manager write each step down to make the plan in details, then send to you again, to get your comfirmation and sign a contract; according the contract, we get your deposit, and start to prepare everything to show your company and products.

During the exhibition: Our project manager arrange every one in the right position to make the work run, our salesmans negotiate with potential customers, and record each piece of useful information;

After the exhibition: We give you all the business cards, demand information, conclusion to you, help  you contact with customers and analysis your marketing strategy.

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