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French consumer prices index down by 0.2 pct in Sept.

France's consumer prices index (CPI) was down by 0.2 percent in September after a 0.5-percent rise in August, official figures showed on Thursday.

On a yearly basis, the country's prices expanded by 2.2 percent in September, French statistics institute Insee said in its monthly economic report.

Slowing growth in last month prices stemmed mainly from a 1.5-percent decline in services costs including transport and tourism which was not totally compensated by the seasonal increase of prices of manufactured products linked with the end of summer sales.

Costs of manufactured goods rose by 1.3 percent as prices of clothing and shoes grew by 8.4 percent during seasonal sales.

After a stable trend in August, energy prices rose by 0.9 percent last month, while food costs were more dynamic over the period, pulled higher by a 3.8-percent increase in fresh foods prices.

The French government aims to lower consumer prices to 1.4 percent in 2019, according to the government's budget draft.
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