Summer Winter Study Tour

Your problem:

when you want to learn Chinese, you're not limited by the time; but do you concern about your young family members come to China with you? They need get used to the life style and make friends, where can they get these? 

What we can provide you:

We have three different arrangements for different age students, including the mandarin courses, culture classes and social activities. The students can also study handicraft, literature, art, entertainment, outdoor activities.

How we do:

Busiunion's top quality Chinese Language Summer Courses for young people from middle school to the university,are organized by experienced, professionally qualified teachers. During this course, we offer well-designed Chinese courses, a wide range of sports and other leisure activities, a full and varied entertainment program and a selection of fascinating excursions.    
Our policy is to prepare our students thoroughly before each activity, making them aware of the cultural importance of the centers visited, but also ensuring that the practical details are understood: this is the good way to help our students learning about and experience Chinese culture, lifestyle and environment. 

We provide a caring, welcoming atmosphere where students find it easy to make friends - and that includes making friends with local young people to get extra conversation practice and participate in many activities.

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