Exhibition Services

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Your problem:

China holds many kinds of exhibitions each year, especially in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Professional design of your booth, and careful arrangement will make you standout, good opportunity and friendship often begin from here. But how to successfully hold an exhibition in China?

What we can provide you:

Busiunion has a good channel to organize many kinds of exhibitions in different cities at the same time. We provide all the services you need during a exhibition, such as: exhibition plan, stand design and construction,logistics,and exhibition represent, and so on.

How we do:

In recent years, our company has completed various exhibition business, as a result, it help us gain rich experience in the operation of exhibition and logistics process.

We have senior designers, experienced project staffs and skillful technicists both from home and abroad.

We have enough big space for construction around China, which can ensure that the quality of construction meet your need.

We have well organised transportation team which can guarantee the operation of large exhibitions across China.

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